About Evaluations

When you contact Sideco for a free evaluation, you can rest assured that you are not going to be inundated with high pressure sales people. You will be personally contacted by our owner, Jimmy Russell. Jimmy is a professional, he'll make an appointment and he'll be on time. If he tells you he will give you a follow up call in a couple of days; he will. However, he will never pressure you. He will never bother you will endless calls. Most importantly, he will never, ever share your information with anyone (see our privacy policy at the bottom of each page). Regardless of whether you choose Sideco or not, you will be glad you called.

An evaluation is not just a bid or estimate

A free home evaluation from Sideco is much more than just an estimate of costs. Sure, an accurate estimate is an essential part of an evaluation, but, it's the final result, not the beginning. Anyone who simply comes to your home, performs a few measurements and gives you a price is trying to sell you a project based upon their own wishes and desires, not yours.

We know siding. No one is better at what we do. You know your needs and desires and goals. Together, and only together, we can create the perfect project. That is why we request that all persons involved be present at the evaluation, if possible. That includes a spouse and all family members. Everyone's opinion is important. It is your input that forms the very foundation of our plan. Your goals will become our goals and we will be able to tell you exactly what products and services we can supply to turn your dreams into reality.


An evaluation is to find problems, not hide them

The solution to moisture problems is not tacking up a vinyl covering over the damage and pretending it's not there. The same is true for a variety of other problems; mold, insects, fire risks, hail or storm exposure and many others. Our evaluation includes actively looking for existing and potential problems and helping you find real solutions.

Knowing that your home is protected provides a level of peace of mind that extends far beyond the simple beauty of your home. You can easily see the beauty and the quality of our James Hardie® siding from the street. The protection and security is something you can feel.

You don't have to settle for a simple estimate, our full home evaluation is completely free. Just call us or fill out our form.