What to expect when your job begins........


Two emotions often felt by people at the beginning of a major remodeling job are excitement and stress. Excitement because they are about to realize long held hopes and dreams, and stress because they often feel they are losing control of their most secure environment, their home. We want you to experience the excitement. We want you to enjoy the thrill of watching your home transform into what you've always wanted it to be.


The stress, however, is unnecessary and we're going to eliminate it. One of the very first things that will happen is that your project manager will introduce himself to you and provide you with his business card with his contact information. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, discuss any last minute concerns and review a general timeline of your project. Your project manager will be your closest ally. He will have the answer to any questions that might arise and will provide a solution to any problem. Since he is on site virtually all of the time, finding him is usually as easy as opening your door. If you don't see him immediately, you can just call his cell phone and be in instant contact.

At the beginning of each project, we place a few things on your property. Typically a dumpster, a materials and equipment trailer and a port-a-potty. Then we're ready to get started.

Don't expect the workers to come straggling in, stand around discussing what needs to be done and the gradually start easing into the work flow. Even with this 'fair warning', you will be amazed when they all arrive promptly at 8:00 and immediately begin at full speed as a single unit. Everyone already knows the project details and each person knows his role. You will know by the end of the very first hour that big things are happening. You will appreciate that we are constantly cleaning and discarding. We never create a disaster and put off clean up until the end. We never forget that what we call a job site you call home.

You can expect our team to arrive on time, every day and, except for a lunch period, work hard the full day. You can expect to be amazed at just how much a highly trained and motivated crew can accomplish. You can also expect that each particular task is perfomed exactly the same regardless of who is doing it. We have very high standards and very rigid guidelines. There are no shortcuts.

The biggest stress reliever is quality communications. We will always be available to explain any procedures, listen to any requests and answer any questions.