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Thanks to Sideco...

A showcase...

For the ages...

We are Sideco! Our work defines us.

Of course we're proud...

We approach each and every project with the same goal: to make each home the very best it can be. We're proud to present our results to you. Each of these homes instantly became the showcase of its neighborhood. You can bet the owners are as proud as we are.

An affinity for style...

You will quickly notice the diversity of colors, styles and textures of the homes featured here. James Hardie siding products offer so many choices, and Sideco helps each homeowner select their own, personal look. We never forget that what we call a project, our customers call home.

Our Most Recent




This home was only about 7 years old when it started to develop a musty oder inside. By the time it was 8 years old it started to have real problems.



Sideco's expertise in tackling large, difficult jobs, especially homes with moisture problems allows us to repair many large beautiful homes every year.  



There are many homes in Arkansas with a rustic exterior design. These homes, mostly built in the 70’s and 80’s, utilized rough cut cedar from somewhere deep in Arkansas timber lands.

These homeowners wanted to keep their house and make it into a Modern Farm House to hold its place.



The homeowners of the house were previous customers of Sideco and knew upon buying the home that they would have Sideco replace the siding,

This Historic home in Little Rock's Hillcrest neighborhood had three layers of siding before they called Sideco


Built in 1922, this home possessed all of the cherished features of home in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock. The homeowners wanted to keep the craftsman style house true to its historic Hillcrest features

Vinyl siding reduces the value of a home, especially a higher value home. As it ages, the appearance of vinyl diminishes rapidly as does the curb appeal of the home.


This home was in desperate need of new siding and a new deck. While removing the old wood siding and deck, we discovered there was considerable damage done to the substructure of the home.

This west Little Rock contemporary home was designed by one of Little Rocks premiere architects, however, the cedar exterior had reached the end of its life after 28 years.


We were working across the street from this beautiful home. The owners had recently had a local siding company install vinyl siding and trim on their home. You know what's coming next!



Though beautiful in its early days cedar siding has a short life and our customer wanted to ensure that when they replaced it that they would only have to do it once

As with many previous Sideco recent projects, this beautiful home in North East Arkansas was built with cheap vinyl siding. We removed the vinyl and aluminum trim then installed James Hardie


Sideco was retained by the owners because we had a long history in restoring these historic homes back to the grandeur of old.  

One of Sideco’s many specialties is the experience and knowledge to restore historic homes. This is another Hillcrest home in Little Rock that we had the honor to restore.


Here we replaced composite siding and trim, made the substructure moisture proof with our zip board wall system then covered it all with James Hardie siding.


As we started work on their neighbor’s home, this customer watched us with keen interest since he had been considering new siding.  

Old homes such as this can be very difficult but we are always taken aback by the quality of these old structures 

This home is on beautiful Greesferry Lake and is one of the only homes there with a approved boat dock.  Our customers live out of state but knew they wanted Sideco.

More than any other type of home that we re-model, this type of home is the type we work on most; built with vinyl siding and trim.

Situated in western Pulaski county, this home’s real cedar siding had reached the end of its life.  Our customer had researched Sideco as well as James Hardie.


This west Little Rock home was built with vinyl 17 years ago.  The vinyl was not only discolored but had became so brittle it had numerous cracks in it

This west Little Rock home had severe moisture problems lurking behind their cedar siding. They needed SIdeco.

This west Little Rock home’s siding and trim had exceeded its life by alot.  We knew there would be structural damage due to moisture.

Federal Express sets the standard in doing things right and they made the right choice with Sideco and James Hardie.

This composite siding on this home in Fayetteville had reached the end of its life. But it was nothing that James Hardie concrete fiber siding couldn't fix.


Recent Projects

We made this home even more special by replacing all the old vinyl siding with James Hardie Woodland cream siding with all new white trim

This home is on Greers Ferry lake and our customer was born in this house 75 years ago.  So, restoring it was truly her life's ambition.

This home ( now office) in downtown Little Rock is over 100 years old. and the owners wanted Sideco to restore back to the origional architectural style. And we did.

First Sideco installed James Hardie Timber bark Vertical Board/ Batt. Then for accent we came in with James Hardie  shake in the gables and all white trim.

The Portland Gin company is an historic soybean and cotton gin to south Arkansas.  Sideco is proud to have been chosen to replace their 40 year old redwood siding.

This is the home of our owner, Mr. Jimmy Russell. done in James Hardie Timber Bark vertical board batt with red shake and and white trim. 

This west Little Rock home was right at 20 years old when Sideco was hired to replace the exterior with James Hardie Navajo Beige Siding and Marvin windows and doors.

This is another typical Sideco home. Nice house in a nice area built with masonite siding. We usually get to replace the composite siding a few years before they reach this one’s age.

This was a brand new home in west Little Rock.  We installed James Hardie plank and shake ( Monterey taupe) along with all white trim. 

The siding on this home had to come off.  Once removed Sideco installed a new substrate then made it moisture resistant.  

This beautiful home in Stuttgart is a perfect representatation of jobs Sideco sees more and more often, now. Replacing vinyl siding and trim!

This house is on the River Trail in NLR Rockwater village. When finished it will be one of the Premier homes in Central Ark.

This home has a premier lake front spot on beautiful lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. Our customers loved having this beautiful getaway but hated the exterior vinyl.

We at Sideco hated seeing what was going on behind the exterior finish system (Dryvit) on this beautiful Chenal Valley home.

A re-occuring job for us is to replace ugly vinyl siding. This jewel of of home is in western Pulaski county nested on several acres.

This home was built with real cypress shakes that lasted for a long time.  However, the customer waited a few years too long.  The cypress failed and caused considerable amount of damage to the wall cavity and structure of the home.!

Many customers want to add something to make the house POP!!!   A mix of James Hardie plank and James Hardie shingles can do exactly that.

This Frank Lloyd Wright designed home was built in 1960.   Mother Nature had really taken its toll on this home’s exterior after 55 years .

Sideco and all of our men thoroughly enjoyed renovating this mid-western style home. Our clients were the best, cooking for us and making our job so rewarding

This is a 1940's home in the historic section of Bentonville  The area is really booming and there is a lot of new construction going on with an emphasis on traditional home architecture in the square area.

This traditional Arkansas home in Roland was ready. We replaced the windows and doors, siding and trim. We also built them a beautiful new deck.

This home has the most beautiful river view in Little Rock and is located in the Rockwood area. It was built in 1945 and had two layers of siding. Not any more!

This is a nice Jacksonville home. Our customers wanted their house to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood which was mostly vinyl siding homes.

We replaced the windows in this home with new Marvin Integrity windows and replaced their siding and trim with our James Hardie® Fiber Cement siding and trim.

This new house has to be the most beautiful home on Greers Ferry Lake. This contemporary design was perfect for James Hardie® vertical board/batt.

On this home we replaced the original Masonite siding with James Hardie® smooth beaded plank and installed new Marvin windows and doors.

Severe moisture damage, a deteriorated deck and a dead tree created a need for an upgrade to this house.  Click on the picture to see the process and the results.

The retired owners of this home had planned their remodeling for years and selected country lane red James Hardie® siding, new windows and new columns.

Sideco replaced the windows in this home in 2002. When the home owners were ready to look at new siding they were so pleased with our work they called us back.

This 1950's home in the Foxcroft area of Little Rock had seen better days. The entire exterior was showing its age.  Not anymore!

This beautiful home had bad moisture issues with the synthetic stucco exterior. Sideco repaired the damage, installed a James Hardie® exterior and Marvin windows.

This Fayetteville home was built with vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia which we replaced with a James Hardie® soffit and fascia system, and real cedar siding.

Sideco installed James Hardie® Artisan siding and trim on this magnificent turn of the century antebellum home in March 2014.

This is a lake home on beautiful Lake Norfork in Mountain home Arkansas. As you can see, it offered a beautiful view before we started. Look at this dream deck!

This house is only 4 years old and was built with a very expensive exterior of sawmill cut Cedar Siding and trim.  Unfortunately, the construction of the house was horrible.

This West Little Rock home was certainly showing its age. Sideco installed James Hardie® siding, special wood window trim and real wood shutters.

On this home we installed James Hardie® plank and trim with new Marvin windows . This recently finished job can be seen by clicking on the photo above.

Here we installed James Hardie® Moisture management system and then all new James Hardie® Siding and trim recapturing the look from long ago.

This home is located on the golf course in Sherwood and while the owners liked the brick, parts of the home were seriously detracting from its appeal.

Sideco replaced all the Siding & trim with James Hardie® products as well as new Marvin® windows and a new deck with TimberTech decking.

This home is not that old and it cost over one million dollars to build. Unfortunately, for the money spent the job did not get done right. It's perfect now.

The back of this house needed repairs due to water damage. The homeowner also opted for a phenomenal new deck.

James Hardie® Siding, Marvin® doors and a new deck has given this house a whole new personality.

This magnificent home has the most beautiful view in the Beaver Lake area of Rogers, Arkansas; however, there was little opportunity to enjoy it.

This beautiful home is a new construction in Cabot, Arkansas. The architects designed this home for James Hardie® Products.