Why should you choose Sideco? We're glad you asked!

No compromises

There is no such thing as Good, Better and Best at Sideco. We offer only the best quality, all the time. That's why we do not install vinyl siding, ever! We install James Hardie siding, Marvin windows and TimberTech decks. We learned years ago that 'bargains' were rarely a good deal.. We have thousands of satisfied customers that fully agree with us.

We prove it....

Everyone promises quality, we prove it! The GuildQuality Service Excellence Award is presented to the top 10 siding contractors in the nation based on actual customer satisfaction ratings. Sideco has earned this coveted award each of the last six years. We would never be satisfied with being second best. Period.

At Sideco, there is no sales department. That's because, first and foremost, we are a service company. Our goals don't involve sales quotas, instead they're measured by customer satisfaction. We can only do a limited number of jobs and still maintain our strict standards. We made our decision between quality and volume many years ago and that will never change. Isn't that the kind of company you're looking for?

We're here if you need us

Sideco has been in the same location for over 30 years. We're still standing behind our 30 year James Hardie warranty, even from our very first job. We have the same phone number. Most siding and remodeling companies that were doing business just five years ago are no longer in business. Aren't you glad you're not depending on any of them for your warranty coverage?

No Gimmicks

We don't promote big 'sales'. We don't promise two free windows when you purchase one. We trust our clients know better than that and we aren't going to insult their intelligence. We do offer the very best quality materials and workmanship with fair, honest and consistant pricing. Isn't that the kind of company you're looking for?

                     Jimmy Russell

Brent Sims
project manager

                      Anthony Tippitt
                      project manager


Perhaps the three biggest reasons for choosing Sideco are pictured above. It sure isn't because they're so pretty (although Anthony is awfully cute). Every project we do has Anthony or Brent as its manager. They're on-site to insure that everything is absolutely perfect. He is available to answer any questions or discuss any special requests you may have. The first day he will provide the client with his cell phone number so he can be reached instantly. His number is also on the bottom of every page of our website. Having a personal representative is your assurance of complete satisfaction. Jimmy's phone number is at the bottom of each of our pages too. It's also at the top. When you call Sideco, you don't speak with a secretary or a clerk, you speak directly to the owner. There is no finger pointing, no trying to figure out who can answer your question or solve your problem. If you were to call the number on the very first business card Sideco handed out 30 years ago, Jimmy Russell would answer the phone. Why has Sideco been selected as a top ten siding contractor in America each of the last 4 years? The answers are pictured above. Isn't this the kind of company you're looking for?


Don't decide on Sideco just yet....

Even if your research and this web site has convinced you that James Hardie siding and Sideco are the right choices for you, don't give in to your desires just yet. You don't want to miss out on the free evaluation by Jimmy Russell. He will evaluate your structure and your needs, show you samples and then listen to your dreams and wishes for your home. Most importantly, he will listen to your concerns and answer any and all questions you might have. He can answer your questions about insulation. He can answer your questions about security lighting. He can even tell you about preventing those pesky squirrels from getting in your attic. You won't find anyone with more experience or greater knowledge in the field of siding. If you'd like to talk to a previous customer, that could be arranged. If you'd like to go view an actual home that's been completed by Sideco, that could also be arranged. This is a great opportunity to begin your relationship with Jimmy. It's a relationship that will span the many years you own your home. Then you'll be ready to indulge yourself and begin on your own, personal Sideco experience. Just call or fill out our simple form and the adventure begins. You'll thank yourself for years to come.

Fran S. of Cabot, AR
Jan 28, 2015

"It took awhile to decide to spend that much money when I could have gotten vinyl siding cheaper, but I didn't like the looks of that product and mainly I didn't like the idea of just wrapping the siding over the existing wood. I am 100% happy with the decision to go with Sideco. My house looks great and I know that any damaged areas have been repaired. Also, I purchased new door and windows for the kitchen area and am so pleased. No more daylight and cold air coming thru the cracks."

And the #1 reason to choose Sideco is......

If you ignore our record of dependability. If you ignore our commitment to quality. If you ignore our three decades of experience. There is still a sure fire way to determine that Sideco is for you. Rely on the real experts; the people who have already invested their hard earned money with Sideco. Our testimonials (there are LOTS of them) don't come from our site. As one of the conditions for being a James Hardie Preferred Installer, we submit each and every job we complete to the Guild Quality organization which sends a satisfaction survey to every customer. All of the responses are posted on their site, we have no control over it. We can't add a good comment or delete a bad one. It is through these independent surveys that the Service Excellence Award winners are determined each year and awarded to the top ten contractors. We are very proud of the fact that we have won that award each of the last six years. You can read what our customer's have said on our testimonials page. You can follow the link to the Guildmaster site and read the reviews from the source. These are the kind of comments you will be making when your project is complete. Do you know of any other company that gives you access to every single customer comment?