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Sideco is a different kind of company...
     After several years of working in the siding business and learning the industry, I was convinced of one thing; I could do it better. It was over 30 years ago that my wife, Mary, and I started Sideco with very few resources but a head full of dreams and some closely held beliefs. Today, the dreams have been fulfilled and replaced with even bigger ones, but our beliefs upon which we formed our company are exactly the same. People respond to honesty. People value quality. People want to share good experiences with their friends. I am here for the benefit of my clients, not the other way around. By accepting a job, I am, in fact, making many promises. I am promising to be honest and fair. I'm promising to do everything I agreed to do and do it to the best of my abilities each and every time. I'm asking for their trust and promising that I will never betray it. I made these promises to my very first customer over 30 years ago, and I know the only reason I'm still in business is that I kept that promise. Sideco has improved over 5,000 homes in Arkansas and over 80% of our clients are direct referrals from the people who know our work is the best. It is our greatest source of pride and satisfaction when our clients are pleased enough with our work to tell their friends and neighbors. A well trained and happy staff, who take a personal pride in their accomplishments, always perform better than constantly changing beginners. A recurring theme in the reviews of our company, collected by an independent source, is the quality of our staff and the work they perform. Our workforce is trained to be professional, treated like the professionals they are, and are paid accordingly. This insures that only the best craftsmen perform the work on your home. Our siding is not easy to install. Vinyl siding is simply tacked up over whatever is there. It's not very difficult, but the results are somewhat lacking as well. A James Hardie siding installation must follow exacting procedures, or it just simply doesn't work. But when we complete an installation, the end result is stunning, not only in appearance, but in protection and durability as well. The high level of craftsmanship we demand just can't be achieved by those with a day worker attitude. The best trained, best paid people in most companies are the sales staff. The sales department is the center of the company and nothing is more important. At Sideco, we don't have a fleet of sales people. We don't even have a sales department. As owner, I personally perform every home evaluation. I know every aspect of every job we do, and I know every promise that has been made. The whole company, then, can focus on completing the job with the level of quality for which we're known. If you are considering siding or windows, you owe it to yourself to call us for a free evaluation. Most siding and remodeling companies that were doing business just five years ago are no longer in business. Call us and experience why we are going strong after over 30 years. - Jimmy Russell, Owner

Why should you choose Sideco? We're glad you asked!
Jimmy Russell Sideco Owner

Jimmy Russell

Owner & President
Brent Sims Sideco Project Manager

Brent Sims

Project Manager
Anthony Tippitt Project Manager

 Anthony Tippitt

Project Manager
     Perhaps the three biggest reasons for choosing Sideco are pictured above. It sure isn't because they're so pretty (although Anthony is awfully cute). Every project we do has Anthony or Brent as its manager. They're on-site to insure that everything is absolutely perfect. He is available to answer any questions or discuss any special requests you may have. The first day he will provide the client with his cell phone number so he can be reached instantly. His number is also on the bottom of every page of our website. Having a personal representative is your assurance of complete satisfaction. When you call Sideco, you don't speak with a secretary or a clerk, you speak directly to the owner or Showroom Manager, Austin. There is no finger pointing, no trying to figure out who can answer your question or solve your problem. If you were to call the number on the very first business card Sideco handed out over 30 years ago, Jimmy Russell would answer the phone. Why has Sideco been selected as a top ten siding contractor in America each of the last few years? The answers are pictured above. Isn't this the kind of company you're looking for?

We don't only offer a warranty, we give you a promise...
     Our products and services are the very best available. You would expect them to be covered by an industry leading warranty, and you'd be correct. Warranties, even the best of them, were not designed to cover many important intangibles; like integrity and respect. Our promise to you is simple: we will treat you like a neighbor, not just a customer. Because we are neighbors. Our company has been a contributor to our community for over 30 years. Our skilled technicians, our supervisors and our president all call Central Arkansas home. A good warranty is often worth its weight in gold, a promise kept is often worth far more.

     We promise to not only complete every task we've agreed to do, but to perform our work to the very best of our ability. We promise to never let 'average' be the standard by which we work. We promise to be available throughout your project and respond to your needs. We promise to earn your trust through everything we do, and to never betray it. We promise to never take advantage of you, or over charge you or provide you with a product or service that isn't the best available. We promise to treat your property, belongings and pets with the care and respect they deserve.

     And above all else, we promise to stand behind our products and work and be there for you if needed. Keeping these promises is not a duty or an obligation. It is a privilege.

Industry leading warranty from Sideco
     It is a sad reality that the term ‘warranty’ is often twisted and manipulated today. Clever attorneys create warranties for manufacturers that say a lot, but mean little. Most of these warranties are prorated, which means the longer you've had it the more you have to pay if it proves defective. Often the warranties require that they only provide you with a piece of replacement siding, installation is your responsibility. It is also not their concern if your siding has faded 'normally'' and the new piece won't match.

     Unfortunately, that's some of the better news about warranties. The remodeling industry has been hit hard by the economic turmoil of the past few years. About 50% of the manufacturers we had several years ago no longer exist or have been through bankruptcy. All of those warranties, limited as they may have been, evaporated with the company. Even some large, notable brands like Alcoa, Mastic and Louisiana Pacific are no more. Local contractors have been even more volatile. It is hard to find a contractor that was in business 5 years ago, much less 15 or 20 years ago. Let's face it, a 30 year warranty from a 3 year old company means almost nothing.

     Sideco has chosen to install siding products exclusively from James Hardie and windows from Marvin. There are many reasons this decision was made. First and foremost, we honestly believe that these are the very best available. Both of these companies have produced quality products and have constantly improved them over the years. Perhaps most important, both companies have stood firmly behind their products for over 100 years. As a contractor, We can install their products and be fully confident that we can rely on the integrity and tremendous resources they have to offer. You can trust that James Hardie will be there to fulfill their 30 year, non-prorated warranty. TimberTech products are made exclusively from technologically-advanced materials designed to provide years of low maintenance use and enjoyment. TimberTech decking, railing, and fencing products are covered by a 25-year limited warranty for residential applications and a 10-year limited warranty for commercial applications. The products are guaranteed against termites, checking, splitting, decay, rot and splintering. In addition, Earthwood Evolutions is covered by a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

   As reassuring as these manufacturer's warranties may be, the most important warranty of all comes from the local contractor. Sideco personally warrants all windows and siding for a full ten years. That is in addition to the manufacturer's warranty. All other items, ( doors, gutters, etc.) carry a 3 year warranty. Our warranty is backed up by 30 years of award winning service from the same address and phone number we've always had. We will be here if you need us. And that, quite frankly, is what a warranty is all about.
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