Financing for Remodeling Projects in Arkansas

     Sideco's work on your home not only affects its curb appeal and structural integrity, but also its value. In most cases, the cost of hiring Sideco pays for itself over time by increasing the value of your home and through energy efficiency and lower maintenance requirements.

     To aid our customers in making this sound investment and exploring their financing options, Sideco has partnered with local bank and financial institutions to make your home improvements with us a reality at any budget.  

     We can help you with secured home improvement loans, unsecured short term loans, or help you obtain financing through your bank, credit union, or brokerage firm. Interest rates on home equity loans and home equity line of credit loans are near historic lows at the moment. Know that there are many options for you to obtain financing that meets your needs and budget.  

     Sideco cautions its customers to avoid institutions or financing gimmicks that promise no interest or no payments for the initial years of the loan. Unfortunately, the terms of such loans tend to be obscure and, therefore, predatory, putting our customers' most important asset—their homes—at risk. 

     Once we evaluate your home and calculate the cost of your desired improvements, Sideco will provide you with your available financing options.  

Thank you for your consideration. 

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