This Christmas season, Sideco has a lot to be thankful for. 

merry christmas deer

I read recently that, from March through September of 2020, nearly 100,000 small businesses closed, most of which were likely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I also read about a recent survey of small business owners, wherein only 43% believe they will survive through June of 2021 if traffic to their businesses does not improve drastically in the intervening months.
As a small business owner myself, this just kills me. Behind a small business is an owner and a group of employees (and all their families) whose livelihoods depend on loyal customers. 
Sideco has been so fortunate since Covid-19 became a crisis here. For better or worse, folks are staying home more and, therefore, are making more investments in their home. Additionally, the entire Sideco team, and my family, have all avoided any serious illness due to Covid. I know that there are many throughout our community and country who cannot say that.
My kids always tease me about being overly optimistic. They would call me "Clark" around Christmas time or on family trips (National Lampoon's Vacation movies are some of my favorites!), because I simply would not / could not let any setback in my plans, however minor, be seen as jeopardizing all the fun I wanted my family to have. There are a few places I can trace that optimism to, but the one that stands out is my faith. At the end of the day ... or shall we say at the end of any catastrophe or economic slowdown or pandemic ... I know, through my faith, that all will be well.
So during this Christmas and holiday season, I sincerely wish all of Sideco's customers the very best and send my most heartfelt thanks. I hope that over the coming two weeks, you find ample time to cherish those people, hobbies, and things (especially your home) that make our time on Earth truly enjoyable. And I hope that you all understand that the Sideco team, and all of our families whose livelihoods are staked on Sideco's success, truly appreciate our customers.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Y'all!