Nothing Beats a Happy Customer

So often our customers home is experiencing moisture problems, sometimes it’s severe. Sideco is often called when homeowners feel there (EIFS) more commonly called Dryvit or fake stucco is failing.
Client: John & Ruth Sahene
City: Little Rock
Year Completed: 2018

Project Details

A large number of homes with this product have it improperly installed & moisture easily gets trapped behind the EIFS. Over time this will be devastating to the wall assembly & will result in a huge expense to have repaired. As much as we hate to see this when we remove this product our customers are comforted in knowing that Sideco has the experience & expertise to repair & prevent from ever happening again. When you look at this house before you cannot see anything wrong. Look at what was going on that was sight unseen. Note how we not only repaired but also made the home completely moisture proof before adding James Hardie Products. Sideco used many different JH products to make this home more beautiful than before. Our customers are now relieved but also impressed at the new look. Sideco used JH plank, JH straight shake in Monterey taupe & JH soffit, fascia, trim, crown mold, beaded ceiling panel all in cobblestone. To add finishing touches we installed all new beautiful exterior lighting.

Before Pictures


Everyone we met with Sideco were true professionals, who really appear to love what they are doing. They gave a 100% everyday they were on the job. The most pleasing thing for me was not only the hard work and skill sets but how they interacted with each other for their lunch break. Maybe a soccer game a bit of fishing or some frisbee, a true team. People who love their work show it with the quality end product.

John & Ruth Sahene

Final Pictures