Replacing Dryvit Siding with James Hardie

Client: Andy & Ashley Capel
City: Maumelle
Year Completed: 2021

Project Details

This home's exterior renovation exemplifies Sideco's commitment to quality and professional excellence. Tasked with updating a house that bore the signs of aging, our team initiated a complete overhaul, replacing the outdated and damaged vinyl siding with high-performance James Hardie siding. This not only refreshed the home's appearance but also provided a durable solution that will protect the home for years to come.


Attention to detail was paramount as we addressed the structural challenges unveiled during the Dryvit removal. Our skilled professionals, including the seasoned Jimmy Russell, ensured that every aspect of the reconstruction was managed with precision. The introduction of Marvin windows played a crucial role in this transformation. These windows are not just elegant; they are engineered for longevity and energy efficiency, contributing to the home's overall sustainability.


Moreover, we expanded the living space by installing a sliding glass door and constructing new decks at both the front and back of the house. Utilizing TimberTech decking materials, we designed these outdoor areas to be both beautiful and functional, enhancing the home's value and the owners' enjoyment.


The color scheme was carefully selected to provide a timeless aesthetic. The deep blue siding, complemented by tan trim, imparts a modern yet classic look, while the rich brown TimberTech decking adds warmth and a natural touch to the outdoor spaces.


Our client's satisfaction stands as a testament to Sideco's expertise in delivering not just a service, but a tailor-made home improvement solution. The final result is a testament to the harmonious blend of quality materials, such as James Hardie siding, Marvin windows, and TimberTech decking, ensuring that the home not only looks new but is fortified against future elements.


This project is a showcase of Sideco's ability to exceed expectations, delivering a home renovation that enhances both the property's aesthetic and functional appeal.


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We contracted Sideco to remove Dryvit and replace with James Hardie Siding, plus open the back wall for a large sliding glass door, add new windows, remove old windows, and build a new front and back deck. We were absolutely blown away by their attention to detail, professionalism, craftsmanship, and ability to handle the complex problems that were found behind the Dryvit. The whole team was fantastic and we were sad to see them go! The team's knowledge and experience guided us every step of the way with color choices, siding patterns, and other little suggestions that really gave our house the charm and appeal that we were looking for. They had excellent site management, they were friendly, and the final project is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. It looks like a brand new house! I wish I could go on and on about how awesome the Sideco team is. Thank you to Jimmy Russell, Anthony, Richard, Jimmy, and the whole team! Final words are that the project exceeded our expectations and the team felt like part of the family. Super happy customer!

Andy & Ashley Capel

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We were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and the end product.

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I am most satisfied with how they guided us as problems popped up.

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Anthony was really good to work with, Richard was very good as well. Jimmy the electrician was good to work and came up with solutions and Jimmy always made sure we were being taken care of.

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