Flexible Options Built for You

What are your Options?

It’s not so much resale value we should focus on when considering a large home improvement investment. After all, the primary purpose should be to enjoy the investment for many years to come, especially with friends and family. So, the more important question is: what can my household afford to do here?

Fortunately, with interest rates at historic lows, there has never been a more favorable time to look at your financing options. Our clients typically secure financing through three routes:

Traditional Bank Financing

Traditional bank financing is the first option, and Sideco partners with Arvest here in Arkansas.  Contact Georgette Strickland at 501-379-7626 or Georgette has worked on countless loans for Sideco customers and knows our work well. 

Personal Unsecured Loans

A second option that we have seen more of lately is personal unsecured loans. While the interest rate will be higher than traditional bank financing, applying for, securing, and funding the loan is oftentimes much easier and quicker than traditional bank financing.

Home Improvement Loans

Lastly, we have seen dozens of clients turn to their brokerage and investment firms to secure home improvement loans. In this case, the loan would be backed by the assets of your investment portfolio. Terms are often competitive compared to traditional bank financing.
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