Moisture Barrier Installers in Arkansas

     Let’s face it, moisture management is just not sexy. There are no beautiful colors or textures, Friends won’t flock to your home to see your new moisture barrier like they will to see your new siding. It’s doubtful you’ll carry a picture of it in your wallet. Why, then, is it important?

     The elements are constantly trying to attack your home. Heat, cold, ice, fire, insects, water, wind, U.V. rays and more are regularly bombarding the structure. It is essential that these damaging elements be contained, or they could destroy your home, or at the very least, cost you valuable energy dollars. Water, perhaps, is the most damaging. In the short term it causes mold and mildew. In the longer term it causes rot and decay of the very structure.

     Excessive moisture, in addition to damaging your home, can create many health problems. Allergies and a variety of breathing problems can be caused by the excessive humidity as well as the mold and mildew that it causes.

     Because of its composition, weight, thickness and exacting installation, James Hardie siding provides better protection against the elements, including water. However, it simply isn't enough. Moisture is relentlessly trying to seep in, and excess moistures from inside (steam, showers, laundry, cooking) is always lingering.

     Sideco has dealt with hundreds of homes that has severe moisture damage. Some was just on the surface but in many cases the damage was much deeper. Into the wall assemble, the house ban or the base plate. Our professional staff is highly skilled in repairing the damage, and more importantly, in insuring that your home is protected against it ever happening again.

     Our moisture management plan is tailor made for each house specifically. We simply take our knowledge and accompany that with the specific designs and construction of our customers home. Our decision of which products we will use to protect hour home will come down to simply what product is best. In most circumstances we have compiled two options.

     Our option A is to use Zip system. This system is a moisture proof substrate with built in vapor barrier. This system also requires taping all seams and all penetrations as well as proper medal flashings to be used in conjunction with the zip system. Our Option B (James Hardie wrap or Tyvec wrap) is to be used in conjunction with an existing substrate like OSB or plywood (as long as the substrate does not have moisture damage). 
     Both options are excellent and either one will provide built in durability and energy efficiency and most importantly keep the air and water out and let the wall cavity breathe.


(A) Zip System
     Energy Efficient Air Barrier
          If your home’s wall are not well sealed, it could cost you a lot of money on your energy bills. Fortunately, you home is well-built with a system that reduces air leakage into and out of your walls, protecting the R-value of your insulation.

     Built-in Water Resistant Barrier
          During installation, your home is exposed to the elements. But with ZIP system sheathing and tape, the water resistive barrier is built into the panel, which protects your walls from water. In fact, these panels have a 180 day exposure guarantee and there is no need for wrap.

     Enhanced Structural Durability
          Zip system sheathing and tape is an innovative engineered wood panel, created to give your home long-lasting strength. With a unique combination of high wood density and moisture fighting resins Zip System sheathing stands strong against the elements during your install and provides a sturdy base you can depend on over time.

     Peace of Mind 
          We are so confident in Zip System sheathing and tape, that we back it with a 30-year limited warranty. And if you ever decide to sell your home, the fact that it’s built with high-quality, durable materials will likely impress prospective buyers.

(B) James Hardie wrap or Tyvec wrap
     HardieWrap weather barrier is a premium, non-woven, water-resistive barrier. It contains a unique MicroTech™ Coating that enables higher performance:
     • Provides a balance of water holdout and breathability
     • Superior air resistance to reduce energy loss in the home
     • Thicker 11 mil sheet for exceptional tear resistance

     The complete HardieWrap weather barrier solution includes HardieWrap weather barrier, HardieWrap® Flashing, HardieWrap® Flex Flashing and HardieWrap® Seam Tape. Together they form an important part of a home's weather protection envelope to prevent water damage, mildew and energy loss. 

     If you completely ignored the beauty of James Hardie siding, if you completely ignored the fact that it's the longest lasting, least maintenance siding available; James Hardie would still be the wise choice just for the moisture barrier and the protection it provides. And it comes standard with every James Hardie siding installation. It's that important! 

     We recommend that you take the time to look through the gallery of damaged homes that we have experienced. Nothing could be more important than making your home moisture proof!
Damage Gallery

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