Our Promise

No decision is too small to warrant our time and energy

Sideco's Promise to You

We like to remind customers that, whether it be a siding job, a window job, or a decking job, that job literally consists of 10,000 tiny decisions or actions that have to be made, to get from start to finish.

Our promise is that our craftsmen will be attentive, focused, and on-point for each and every single one of those decisions. No decision is too small to warrant the time and energy needed to do the job right.

Sideco builds "forever homes." By that, we mean that what you see on day 1 after completion is exactly what you will see 10 years after completion, 20 years after completion, and so on. And that's because our team is composed of incredibly talented folks who care deeply about doing the job right, taking no shortcuts.

We promise to not only complete every task we've agreed to do, but to perform our work to the very best of our ability. We promise to never let 'average' be the standard by which we work. We promise to be available throughout your project and respond to your needs. We promise to earn your trust through everything we do, and to never betray it. We promise to never take advantage of you, or over charge you or provide you with a product or service that isn't the best available. We promise to treat your property, belongings and pets with the care and respect they deserve.

And above all else, we promise to stand behind our products and work and be there for you if needed. Keeping these promises is not a duty or an obligation. It is a privilege.