Moisture Management using 
Zip System & Hardiewrap

Sideco has dealt with many homes with severe moisture damage & that's why we use quality moisture barriers like James Hardie Wrap, Tyvec wrap, & Zip systems.

Moisture Destroys Wood

Moisture is the silent killer on the exterior of homes. A slow steady drip over years can cause catastrophic damage to your home. Sideco has seen extensive moisture damage on the exterior of homes over the years. We've helped our customers solve these problems using time-tested techniques and top brands. We do a full evaluation of every home we renovate to find any moisture damage and stop it in its tracks.
Wood damage on lower portion of house above and below windows

Does Your Home Have Water Damage?

Water often takes years to damage a home and it often takes even longer to find. By the time you find water damage in your home it may be too late to stop. Sideco is specialized in moisture damage and knows how to fix the problems. We NEVER apply a bandaid fix.
Are you worried you might have moisture damage? Sideco can replace your siding, windows, and decking AND take care of that damage.

ZIP System®

Sideco often tackles moisture damage by installing Zip System. A revolutionary structural roof and wall system that streamlines weatherization with an integrated air and water-resistive barrier. 

Speed & Ease of Installation

ZIP System creates a quick and simple two-step installation that eliminates the need for housewrap and felt.

Continuous Air Barrier

Taped seams form a tight barrier against air leakage for a more energy-efficient building envelope.

Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier

Helps protect against water intrusion while still allowing the panels to properly dry.

Structural Durability

ZIP System panels are available with a Structural 1 rating, so you can get shear strength to meet seismic and high-wind-zone requirements.

Tyvek® wrap

Tyvek weather barrier is a premium, non-woven, water-resistive barrier. It contains a unique  Coating that enables higher performance. Together they form an important part of a home's weather protection envelope to prevent water damage, mildew and energy loss.

One Way Moisture Barrier

Provides a balance of water holdout and breathability. This is important to protect against mold growing inside your walls!

Lightweight and Cost Effective

Wraps can be applied without having to tear down old boards. This allows for faster and more cost effective installation while still providing superior air resistance to reduce energy loss in the home

Thick Tear Resistant Wrap

Thicker 11 mil sheet for exceptional tear resistance that can hold up for years over its competitors

Fits Any Surface

Because it is a wrap, it can be cut to fit on any surface and still provide the same level of sealing power!

OUr Recent Moisture Management Projects

Check out some of our recent projects with moisture damage. 

Complete Replacement of Sheathing with ZIP System

Water Damage Can Cause Major Structural Issues

moisture leak under window

Water Can Often Leak Around Windows

Worried About Water?

Sideco has fully renovated hundreds of homes with water damage. If you are worried your home has any damage, let us fix it and make an exterior that is beautiful and weatherproof using ZIP System or Hardiwrap!
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