A Complete Overhaul

When you have a big job and only the best will do, you can trust Sideco. The siding on this beautiful lake home had to be fully replaced. It was a big effort that multiple elevations and no one in the local area could be found.
Client: Burce & Anita Burkhalter
City: Rogers
Year Completed: 2021

Before Pictures


Every neighbor was amazed at how fast Sideco / Windco, Inc. worked. They had more men on this house than I have seen. They managed the staff and got the job done in three weeks. It was a big job.

Our neighbors have been asking about Sideco / Windco. They saw their truckers and I will refer them to Sideco / Windco. It is hard in Rogers to find local people. We go looking outside the area and this was done in a timely fashion.

I can not say enough good about the guys who were here. It was the best work I have seen.
Burce & Anita Burkhalter

Final Pictures