A Complete Sideco Makeover

Client: Joe & Barbara Barnes
City: Fordyce
Year Completed: 2021

Project Details

Elevated Rural Farmhouse Restoration

Sideco's expertise in exterior home renovation was fully employed in the comprehensive rejuvenation of a rural farmhouse in Fordyce, Arkansas. The property, previously clad in dark beige, worn vinyl siding, and outdated fixtures, required an extensive update to both its aesthetics and functionality.

Our skilled team initiated the project by stripping away the aged siding, replacing it with the superior James Hardie siding products known for their resilience and aesthetic versatility. This replacement not only revitalized the look of the farmhouse but also fortified it against the future wear and tear of rural environmental conditions.

Window and door replacements were pivotal in this transformation. Sideco chose Marvin's high-quality windows and doors for their blend of elegance, durability, and energy efficiency. These installations contribute significantly to the home's thermal performance, reducing energy costs while elevating the exterior's visual appeal.

The transformation continued with the outdoor living space, where the old gazebo was replaced with a new deck area. Constructed using TimberTech decking, renowned for its beauty and longevity, the new deck offers a robust and inviting outdoor area that complements the house's refreshed façade.

To complete the renovation, the entire home was painted a crisp white, which not only modernized its appearance but also brightened the structure against the rural landscape, providing a stark, beautiful contrast to the surrounding greenery.

The satisfaction of our client, Joe Barnes, echoes the success of this project. Sideco's commitment to using premium materials like James Hardie siding and trim, Marvin windows and doors, and TimberTech decking, has transformed this farmhouse into a model of modern rural living. The result is a property that not only looks renewed but is also prepared to endure, providing a significant enhancement to both its value and charm.

This restoration stands as a clear indication of Sideco's capability to not only meet but surpass the expectations of homeowners, delivering a complete home renovation that is as practical as it is visually striking.

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I am very well satisfied. They are a very professional group and do quality work.
I would like to recognize the entire crew.
Joe & Barbara Barnes

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I would like to recognize the entire crew.

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I am very well satisfied. They are a very professional group and do quality work.

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