Amazing Lake Hamilton Home!

This luxury home in Hot Springs rests on one of the most sought after points on Lake Hamilton. It was listed for several million dollars by the previous homeowners. What the previous owners failed to mention to potential buyers, was that behind the home's EIFS system and below the roof line, the structure of the home was near collapse in several places and a danger to live in.
Client: Chris & Jennifer Crain
City: Hot Springs
Neighborhood: Lake Hamilton
Year Completed: 2017

Project Details

The problem with this home was that the very advanced EIFS exterior system was installed by a company without the requisite knowledge and skills. Very few companies have those skills. The homeowners contacted several companies about repairs and were told to either contact Sideco or consider demolition. We concentrated our entire crew on this single project until it was finished, but the results were very gratifying. The description of this home the previous homeowners placed on Zillow and other real estate marketing websites said, “Beautiful and like new home on beautiful Lake Hamilton”.

As you look through the pictures of this home, you will see how truly damaging trapped moisture can be. It’s a wonder this beautiful home did not collapse considering what the Sideco crew found almost immediately. Most of the damage lurking behind the walls of this home was NOT visible. It was the musty smell inside the home, and the appearance of mold on some walls that alerted our clients of a potential problem. After minimal investigation by the homeowners, they quickly learned they had serious moisture and structural damage. After consulting several contractors, they learned that their problems exceeded the technical abilities of the local companies and complete demolition was even presented as an option. Fortunately, Sideco has built a strong reputation throughout Arkansas. After our name came up in multiple of the homeowners conversations, we were called in to help.

Sideco has extensive knowledge and plenty of experience in repairing damaged structures, as well as a vast knowledge in moisture management procedures. It’s not enough to repair the damage without completely fixing the source. Sideco devoted all of our employees to expedite the repairs of this home. Since we had the whole crew there, we completed this large project for our client in only 3 weeks. We completely repaired all of the damage, and we made the home moisture resistant as it should be. We installed a new moisture proof substrate system to the home and James Hardie vertical board batt siding and trim. The after photos of this home show James Hardie vertical siding and trim in cobble stone. As you can see, the house is stunning once again.

We would like to add that after 32 years and thousands of customers, we prefer to work on homes where the exterior has lived its life and is ready to be updated. Working on new homes that were not built properly resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of damaged structure is something we would prefer not to see. Unfortunately we see this type of damage far too often. However we are comforted in the knowledge that we saved this home from total destruction.

Before Pictures


The entire staff at Sideco is professional and they keep you informed of the progress throughout the entire process. It was extremely impressive to see the size of their staff and how quickly they completed our project in a quality manner.

Chris & Jennifer Crain

Final Pictures