Attention to detail

Western Pulaski County home made perfect
Client: Cleve and Judy Barfield
City: Little Rock
Neighborhood: Lawson Rd
Year Completed: 2016
Attention to detail

Project Details

As we started work on their neighbor’s home, this customer watched us work with keen interest since he had been considering new siding. All of the vinyl siding companies had consulted with him and he was not pleased with how they installed the vinyl siding directly over his original siding nor did he care for the look of plastic siding. He was amazed at the quality of our workmanship and products. He wasn’t even aware of James Hardie Concrete siding and trim products but now is so glad that we just happened to start his neighbors house in time for him to take a look at a product he really wanted

Before Pictures


I can't think of any areas that were below expectations. Quality of workmanship and attention to detail I am impressed with the care that all employees took with their work.

Cleve and Judy Barfield

Final Pictures