Craftsman Style Home Restored

Making a bad situation much better!
Client: Kim Williams Gary
City: Little Rock
Neighborhood: Hillcrest
Year Completed: 2020

Project Details

This beautiful home in historic Hillcrest is only 6 years old and when built the builder has James Hardie Siding and Trim installed. Unfortunately, it was not installed correctly and after a few years it started to fail. Mostly, the product was not nailed correctly and the nails used were roofing nails that were way too short. In addition proper moisture management, proper flashings were NON existent and this beautiful home was experiencing moisture infiltration problems as well.
To correct, Sideco removed all of the exterior including the original moisture resistant barrier which also was installed incorrectly and started over. To capture true historic trim and styles Sideco added special crown mold and trim design to mimic a true craftsman style home.
Sideco also installed new James Hardie ceilings in a beaded design and completely repainted the open end soffit and fascia. To capture the exact color our customers wanted we were able to find a perfect color in the James Hardie Dream Collection of over 700 pre-finished colors.
Now, after this second go around, our wonderful customers can now know that there home is not only beautiful but fully protected and the new James Hardie Products will last for many decades.


I am very likely to recommend Sideco/Windco. They are consummate professionals you can trust to do what they say, and do it well. They are a rare breed…true professionals.

Kim Williams Gary

Final Pictures