Frank Lloyd Wright Home Renovation

This one of a kind designed home was a very difficult installation and Sideco performed it perfectly.
Client: Elizabeth Andreoli
City: Little Rock
Neighborhood: Pine Manor
Year Completed: 2021
Frank Lloyd Wright Home Renovation

Project Details

A venerable residence within the Normandy subdivision stands as a testament to Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural brilliance. Entrusted with the delicate task of updating this iconic home, Sideco deftly balanced the preservation of historical character with the need for modern durability.

Charged with replacing the home's weathered wood exterior, Sideco opted for James Hardie Concrete Siding and Trim. This choice was instrumental in maintaining the visual continuity of Wright's original design while enhancing the home's resistance to weather and time. The fresh siding was carefully selected to echo the organic aesthetic Wright famously advocated, ensuring that the home remained true to its architectural roots.

The restoration was characterized by Sideco's precise craftsmanship. Each step, from removal to installation, was performed with respect for the home's storied past and meticulous attention to detail. The result was a harmonious blend of old-world charm and new-age fortitude.

Homeowners and onlookers alike have been captivated by the transformation. The new siding retains the visual essence of the original structure, while the added TimberTech deck extends the living space elegantly, providing a modern amenity that complements without compromising the historical design.

The project's success was echoed in the homeowners' accolades, praising Sideco for not just meeting but surpassing the high standards set before them. The workmanship was lauded as beautiful, the team's camaraderie as spirited, and the entire endeavor as a perfect encapsulation of fair cost and exceptional output.

This renovation of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home showcases Sideco's commitment to the stewardship of architectural treasures. It's a celebration of heritage, an embrace of innovation, and a promise of beauty and functionality for years to come.

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Sideco replaced siding on our house, reinforced a hanging deck, powder coated iron railings, built deck, painted, and much more. It was a complex project overall because of the geography of the property and house. I would rate the project a 10 out of 10 overall. The project was completed on schedule, and done quickly considering the scope of work. The cost was fair and on budget. Workmanship/carpentry was very good and detailed well. The crew functioned well together and the work proceeded like clockwork. Individual crew members were polite and fun to interact with. Communications with the foreman occurred at least once daily and most often more. The company owner was onsite twice daily. Cleanup was done daily and done well. There were unforeseen complications which were handled expertly. There were few very minor issues. At the beginning of the project, we thought we were probably over promised and were prepared for disappointments. This did not happen. I highly recommend this company based on my experience.

Elizabeth Andreoli

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I have had many contractors over the years. I can say unequivocally that Jimmy Russell and his team are exceptional. My husband and I were initially skeptical that Jimmy and his team could perform up to the standards pitched. But, they did. The project progressed on the time frame given. Cleanup was done daily and well. The carpentry workmanship was beautiful. Team members were friendly and helpful. I enjoyed hearing their banter. The project cost was fair. This house project was complicated and extensive. They had systems in place to do it safely and efficiently. I am very happy with the results.

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Areas for Improvement

There were one or two very minor issues. For example, placing construction materials on our newly powder-coated iron chairs, resulting in minor paint scratches.

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The entire team!

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