Fulfilling the Needs

These clients were beyond grateful for Sideco, Inc making their house in to a home with the help of James Hardie.
Client: Anthony and Joanna Newkirk
City: North Little Rock
Neighborhood: Indian Hills
Year Completed: 2020

Project Details

we hired a local architect to design an entry portico and to oversee the entire renovation project. When our architect learned that we had selected Sideco to do the renovation, she remarked that we had made an excellent choice since she has worked on residential project with this company. After this reassurance and online research, we signed a contract with Sideco to perform the following:
• Demolition of old cedar siding and replacing it with Hardie Boards;
• Building a new portico according to the architect’s design;
• Installing three Marvin sliding patio doors;
• Installing a custom-made front door with sidelights;
• Installing new gutters;
• Painting brick;
• Removing our back door and walling it up with Hardie Board;
• Advice on the type and color of Hardie Board to be used.
There were other small tasks diligently performed to make the house ready. Mr. Russell assigned Mr. Anthony Tippitt to be the on-site manager for our project. For about three weeks, the core crew of 12 people worked from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM with only one hour for lunch.
We are impressed by the organization of the work, quality of the material used, efficiency, cleanliness, and overall professionalism of Sideco and its employees. We want to highlight the problem-solving abilities as unforeseen difficulties arose from the house being old. As we watched the crew working on a daily basis, everyone took pride in their craft. We had great communication with Mr. Tippitt and with Mr. Russell. They both stayed in touch with our architect.
While all crew members deserve praise, we would like to give special thanks to Mr. Tippitt and to a leading crew member, Mr. Jimmy Shahan for their problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and sincerity.
We thank Sideco, Inc. for making our house into a lovely home. We are getting a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our neighbors in for having done a well-rounded renovation. We even see some passersby taking photographs of our house. We would gladly give Mr. Russell our reference. He may also invite his clients to see our house. We wish that Sideco, Inc. will continue to have many happy customers.

Before Pictures


"We strongly recommend Sideco Inc. to anyone wishing to renovate or build a house. When we decided to renovate our house, we contacted the James Hardie Company to see if there is an authorized builder in Central Arkansas. Within 24 hours, we received an email from Mr. Jimmy Russell, president of Sideco, Inc. and he invited us to see his showroom. During our visit, he informed us in detail about the James Hardie technique and products. We decided to go ahead with having Sideco and our contractor."

Anthony and Joanna Newkirk

Final Pictures