Why Sideco?

Sideco cares about doing the project the right way the first time

Employees Only

Sideco hires employees, not 1099 contractors! They have a firm commitment to do the job right.

Certified Training

Sideco doesn't just claim to install windows and siding, we are fully certified by the companies we represent. We send employees to trainings offered by Marvin Windows and James Hardie Siding so that they can become certified installers


Sideco has been in business with the same family-owners for 39 years and has completed thousands of projects in Arkansas


We are open and fair about our prices. We want to give our customers the best possible price and value that we can provide

Communication with the You

Communication is paramount during every phase of any construction project. We pride ourselves on our communication and transparency

Licensed and Insured

Sideco is licensed to do any remodeling project up to $1,000,000 in value. Sideco also carries $2,000,000 in liability insurance.

Pull Permits and Code Compliant

Sideco does everything by the books, including pulling permits. Many contractors do not go through the hassle of heading down to a city's office to file the correct paperwork.

Jobsite Protocols

Our job site process helps to ensure cleanliness and safety. We have dedicated trailers to store equipment and we have "stations" at various locations around the house where materials are prepped for installation.

Moisture Management

Sideco is not just a siding or window or door company; we are first and foremost a moisture management company. Many times, a customer’s house seems perfectly fine on the outside, but once the exterior siding is removed, Sideco discovers extensive damage to the home’s structural integrity.

Product and Labor Warranties

James HardieMarvin, and TimberTech offer some of the best warranties on the market, which is partly why we work exclusively with these products. Additionally, Sideco personally warrants all windows and siding for a full five years. Any improvement performed by Sideco outside of Siding and Windows carries a one year labor warranty.

We care about your Home

Sideco cares about our customer's homes. We put our signature on each project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!
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