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In almost 40 years we have seen it all. However, we do see some issues more than others...

The Common Culprits 

At Sideco, we know that there are countless reasons to consider updating your home - and who better to explain those reasons than our own satisfied customers? From pesky critters taking up residence to poorly installed siding causing water damage, we've seen it all. We've worked with homeowners who have 20-year-old windows that needed replacing and others who simply wanted to beautify their home with the best products before anything went wrong. Whatever your reason for considering a home update, we're here to help. Check out some of our customer stories below to learn how we've helped transform homes in Arkansas.
Moisture Damage
The Silent Killer
Old Homes
Inefficient, outdated materials
Critter Damage
Rodents & Insects
Beautify My Home!
Just need an update
Functional Improvement
Outdoor living upgrade

Water is the Silent Killer of Homes

Water poses a significant threat that often goes unnoticed until it's too late. Slowly and stealthily, water infiltrates our homes, causing gradual damage that can have devastating consequences. From leaking roofs and poorly installed windows to cracked siding and old moisture barriers, the destructive power of water knows no bounds. Left unchecked, it leads to rot, mold growth, weakened structures, and compromised integrity. Over time, this damage can result in expensive repairs, compromised safety, and even health hazards. That's why it's crucial to be vigilant and address any signs of water intrusion promptly. At Sideco, we understand the destructive potential of water, and our team of experts is dedicated to identifying and resolving water-related issues to protect your home's longevity and your peace of mind.

See how Sideco saved this Lake Hamilton home from extensive moisture damage
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Old Materials Cost You Money & Comfort

Older homes often boast charm and character, but they also come with outdated and inefficient materials that impact energy efficiency, functionality, and overall comfort. Outdated windows can contribute to energy loss, drafts, and reduced comfort levels. Aged wood siding may exhibit cracks, fading, or other forms of damage, affecting both the home's appearance and its protection against the elements. Neglected outdoor living spaces can limit the enjoyment of your property and decrease its curb appeal. By considering updates and renovations in these areas, homeowners can improve energy efficiency, enhance the home's appearance, and create inviting outdoor spaces. It's essential to address these outdated materials to ensure long-term functionality and comfort in older homes.

See this Hillcrest home Sideco transformed!
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Unwelcome Guests

Similar to water, unseen critter damage can silently wreak havoc on a home, causing significant issues that may go unnoticed until they become severe. Rodents, insects, and other critters can find their way into hidden areas within a home, such as attics, crawl spaces, and voids in your walls. Over time, they can cause damage by chewing through electrical wiring, insulation, and structural components. These pests can also leave behind droppings, nests, and unpleasant odors, which can lead to health hazards and unpleasant living conditions. Additionally, critters like termites can cause extensive damage to wooden structures, compromising the integrity of the home. 
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Enhance Curb Appeal, Modernize Style, and Boost Energy Efficiency

Upgrading your curb appeal, modernizing the look of your home, and improving energy efficiency offer a multitude of benefits. Enhancing your home's exterior not only creates a welcoming and visually appealing first impression but also reflects your personal style and pride of ownership. A modernized look can bring new life to your home, making it stand out in the neighborhood and giving it a fresh, updated appearance. Additionally, improving energy efficiency through updates such as new windows, insulation, and siding can lead to significant cost savings by reducing energy consumption and utility bills. It also contributes to a more comfortable living environment, with better temperature regulation and sound insulation. By investing in these upgrades, you're investing in the long-term comfort, aesthetics, and sustainability of your home, creating a space that you can enjoy and be proud of for years to come.
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Creating a Space for your Family

Making a functional upgrade to your outdoor living areas, such as porches, decks, and covered spaces, can greatly enhance your lifestyle and provide numerous benefits. These spaces offer opportunities for relaxation, entertaining guests, and enjoying the beauty of nature right in your own backyard. By investing in outdoor living upgrades, you can create additional usable square footage, effectively expanding your living space. This allows for more versatile and enjoyable activities, from hosting gatherings and barbecues to simply unwinding with a book or enjoying the fresh air. With a wide range of design options available, you can customize your outdoor space to fit your unique preferences and needs, incorporating features such as seating areas, built-in grills, fire pits, or even outdoor kitchens. Experience the joy and functionality of an upgraded outdoor living area, creating a welcoming oasis right outside your door with the expertise and craftsmanship of Sideco.

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