Siding in Little Rock, Arkansas

An Introduction To Siding

     Sideco is, as our name implies, first and foremost a siding company. Our goal is simple; we will be the very best in the siding industry. It starts with our siding products. We install nothing but James Hardie siding. Anything else would be, at the most, second best.
     Let's face it, there are big differences in exterior siding materials. We will compare our siding to vinyl and you'll see why it is a superior choice. From our patented moisture barrier system to our non combustible materials to the James Hardie siding we install, you will learn why we offer the very best value for siding with the following information:
*James Hardie siding character and feel of natural wood
*It's more durable than other lap siding alternatives
*We offer a variety of architecturally designed styles and profiles
*It resists moisture damage – will not rot, crack, warp, buckle, swell or de-laminate
* It is impact resistant – warranted against hail damage (ideal for houses near golf courses)
*It's wind resistant – withstands winds up to 130 MPH
*It is made with non-combustible, environmentally friendly
*It's termite and carpenter ant resistant
*30-year transferable product warranty on all siding products
*It's low maintenance.
* It can increases curb appeal, home value appreciation and possible homeowners insurance savings
*This has been a proven product since 1903, the current formulation is on over 5.5 million homes in U.S. today
*Ranked #1 quality exterior lap siding product by Builder magazine for the past 5 years
*Ranked #1 return on investment by Remodeling magazine for the past 7 years
*Voted one of top 10 American building products by Home magazine
The First Step

What's going to happen...
     Taking the first step in any endeavor can be a stressful event. It's normal to feel a sense of “what am I getting myself into?”. Am I about to open Pandora's box? Am I going to regret this for years to come?
     We can assure you that nothing frightening is going to happen. We don't have a sales department. You won't suddenly have a team of high pressure sales people camped out on your porch and three more calling you all day.
     It is also our strict policy not to share your information with anybody. That means you don't have to worry about swimming pool salesmen showing up either.
What's not going to happen...
     When you call Sideco (or fill out our handy contact form), you will speak to Jimmy Russell, the owner of Sideco. He will arrange a time, convenient to you, and come and evaluate your home and needs. We will explain exactly what Sideco can do for you and spend as much time with you as necessary to answer your questions fully. We will discuss pricing and options with you. You may feel free to interrupt us at any time and beg us to allow you to sign up now. Or, somewhat more likely, we will leave some important information with you and perhaps give you a few pointers for finding even more information. Our 30+ years in business has taught us that the more people know the more likely they are to choose Sideco and James Hardie products.
     Jimmy will contact you again, and answer any further questions you may have. You will be treated with respect at all times. You will not be pressured or harassed. You have Jimmy's personal promise. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, you will be glad you called.
About Evaluations

     When you contact Sideco for a free evaluation, you can rest assured that you are not going to be inundated with high pressure sales people. You will be personally contacted by our owner, Jimmy Russell. Jimmy is a professional, he'll make an appointment and we will be on time. If he tells you he will give you a follow up call in a couple of days; he will. However, he will never pressure you. He will never bother you will endless calls. Most importantly, he will never, ever share your information with anyone. Regardless of whether you choose Sideco or not, you will be glad you called.
An evaluation is not just a bid or estimate...
     A free home evaluation from Sideco is much more than just an estimate of costs. Sure, an accurate estimate is an essential part of an evaluation, but, it's the final result, not the beginning. Anyone who simply comes to your home, performs a few measurements and gives you a price is trying to sell you a project based upon their own wishes and desires, not yours.
     We know siding. No one is better at what we do. You know your needs and desires and goals. Together, and only together, we can create the perfect project. That is why we request that all persons involved be present at the evaluation, if possible. That includes a spouse and all family members. Everyone's opinion is important. It is your input that forms the very foundation of our plan. Your goals will become our goals and we will be able to tell you exactly what products and services we can supply to turn your dreams into reality.
An evaluation is to find problems, not hide them...
     The solution to moisture problems is not tacking up a vinyl covering over the damage and pretending it's not there. The same is true for a variety of other problems; mold, insects, fire risks, hail or storm exposure and many others. Our evaluation includes actively looking for existing and potential problems and helping you find real solutions.
     Knowing that your home is protected provides a level of peace of mind that extends far beyond the simple beauty of your home. You can easily see the beauty and the quality of our James Hardie® siding from the street. The protection and security is something you can feel.
     You don't have to settle for a simple estimate, our full home evaluation is completely free, so contact us today
What to Expect When Your Job Begins

Two emotions often felt by people at the beginning of a major remodeling job are excitement and stress. Excitement because they are about to realize long held hopes and dreams, and stress because they often feel they are losing control of their most secure environment, their home. We want you to experience the excitement. We want you to enjoy the thrill of watching your home transform into what you've always wanted it to be.
     The stress, however, is unnecessary and we're going to eliminate it. One of the very first things that will happen is that your project manager will introduce himself to you and provide you with his business card with his contact information. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, discuss any last minute concerns and review a general timeline of your project. Your project manager will be your closest ally. He will have the answer to any questions that might arise and will provide a solution to any problem. Since he is on site virtually all of the time, finding him is usually as easy as opening your door. If you don't see him immediately, you can just call his cell phone and be in instant contact.
     At the beginning of each project, we place a few things on your property. Typically a dumpster, a materials and equipment trailer and a port-a-potty. Then we're ready to get started.
     Don't expect the workers to come straggling in, stand around discussing what needs to be done and the gradually start easing into the work flow. Even with this 'fair warning', you will be amazed when they all arrive promptly at 8:00 and immediately begin at full speed as a single unit. Everyone already knows the project details and each person knows his role. You will know by the end of the very first hour that big things are happening. You will appreciate that we are constantly cleaning and discarding. We never create a disaster and put off clean up until the end. We never forget that what we call a job site you call home.
     You can expect our team to arrive on time, every day and, except for a lunch period, work hard the full day. You can expect to be amazed at just how much a highly trained and motivated crew can accomplish. You can also expect that each particular task is performed exactly the same regardless of who is doing it. We have very high standards and very rigid guidelines. There are no shortcuts.
     The biggest stress reliever is quality communications. We will always be available to explain any procedures, listen to any requests and answer any questions.

     Money is important, but it's not everything. For example, it's not as important as honor and integrity. That's why we don't believe in, or use, pricing gimmicks. It's just not honest. We will never offer to give you three free windows when you purchase one. We aren't going to pretend to 'slash' prices just because it's January or February. How can one fully trust a company that utilizes these practices?
     We work very hard for everything we earn, but we know that you do too. Our pricing policy is not glamorous, or exciting. But it is reasonable, consistent, professional and above all else, honest. Of course we're going to make a profit. If we don't, we simply won't be here to take care of you in the future.
     Every quote we give includes the cost for materials. The reasonable price is only a small part of the equation. The real value is in the fact that we use only the very best products. A great price for inferior products is not a good value. We only install James Hardie siding. We only install Marvin windows. We have chosen to use TimberTech® decking materials. We don't offer a low quality option. Everything that is applied to your home is the very best quality we can find, right down to the nails.
     The cost of labor is a significant portion of every price quoted. Our installation teams are highly trained and highly specialized professionals and are paid accordingly. Each one is a valued member of our company and is essential if we are to continue to provide the best results. In exchange for industry leading wages, we benefit from their growing experience and skill instead of a constant rotation of beginners. It's worth the extra money to us and it certainly is to our customers. They do a far better job and do it in less time. This is the real meaning of value.
     We never, ever just tack up siding over the existing siding. That would mean your new siding would only be as secure as the old layer beneath it. The old siding is completely removed, insulation is installed (if desired), then a solid, stable substrate layer (OSB) is installed. Everything is then tightly sealed with the HardieWrap® moisture barrier system. Only then is the home ready to install the new siding. These procedures are not optional, they aren't an extra cost upgrade. They are all essential components of any quality job. Does it affect the final price? Of course it does. Yet, any proposal that does not include these critical steps is simply promoting a sub-standard result. What do you really want for your home?
     When you get a free evaluation from Sideco, you will be able to trust that it was developed with fairness in mind. We will discuss the actual costs without any gimmicks or incredible 'discounts'. You will never be told that 'for only a few dollars more we can upgrade to....', we start at the top, there is nowhere higher to go. Isn't that really how you prefer to do business?
     For most of us, cost is a factor. But, it isn't the only consideration. If you have more than one estimate, look at them and ask yourself a few simple questions:
1. Are the siding materials the same? If not, which is better?
2. Are the installation procedures the same?
3. Which is going to produce the best result?
4. Is the cheaper job really a value if it's not what you want?
5. If you're spending more are you getting more in return?
     Only after honestly answering these questions should you factor in costs. The true value should be much clearer. Take a few minutes to look at our testimonials page. These are comments from our customers collected by a totally independent company. They contact every single customer of ours after their job is completed and post all of the responses. You will soon recognize several recurring themes. Time and again our customers remark on the quality of our installation team and the work they do (we never get tired of hearing it). There are also many comments on the value they received. Even those who initially thought that our price was a little high in the beginning, were amazed at the quality they received and were so happy they had followed their instincts.
     Our evaluation is free. It doesn't take much time. Regardless of the number of estimates you get, you will find that ours will be the standard by which you judge all the others. Then simply trust your knowledge, trust your experience and trust your instincts. You'll be glad you did.
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