Building a Multi Level Sunroom with a Deck

After 33 years in the exterior renovation business, it can be said that I’ve seen it all, many times over. However, what I hate to see most is improperly installed James Hardie siding.
Client: Derek & Kathleen Marks
City: Little Rock
Year Completed: 2017

Project Details

I hate to see improperly installed exteriors. Especially James Hardie Siding installed wrong, Horribly wrong! This would never happen at Sideco.
That is exactly what we had on this beautiful home and property in West Little Rock. Great products, whatever they are, will not perform unless installed correctly. What happened here was that James Hardie Siding was installed on this home when built approx. 9 years ago. Unfortunately the contractor missed several crucial steps. Like improper fastening, NO clearances, NO flashings, NO vapor barrier to name a few on the big things.
When the owner was made aware of why the siding failed the only solution was to remove it completely and start again. Sideco did exactly that. The siding was removed and discarded. All of the moisture damage that had occurred to the wall cavity was then repaired. Sideco installed James Hardie vapor barrier, all the proper flashings, installed all new James Hardie trim and crown mold mantels on top of the windows and doors and all new James Hardie Siding in Arctic White. In addition we completely turned two screened in porches into heated and cooled sunrooms with Marvin Windows and doors. We completely rebuilt the deck with TimberTech Deck products. Installed new doors and porch railing and topped off the design with custom made wood shutters with hinges and hold backs.
As you can see the new look is stunning. Now the owners are proud of the home they bought and confident in knowing that this time the James Hardie Products will last virtually forever.
This project served as a reminder to the entire Sideco staff of the critical nature of each and every thing we do when working on a home. Our procedures are very strict and there is good reason behind our policies. We all saw, first hand, the results of doing less than a professional job on any home we work on. Avoiding such problems is the result of our intensive training programs for all personnel and the primary reason our staff is so highly valued. The problems with this home is a perfect example of companies that hire someone today and have them installing siding tomorrow. That would never happen at Sideco.

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When we first met with Jimmy we were a little overwhelmed at the thought of a complete exterior overhaul of our home. We signed on for new decks, a new front porch, siding, conversion of deteriorated screened in porches to interior sunrooms, plus a few other projects. A huge investment in our home. Jimmy led us through the new design and was there throughout construction. We had a large crew working every day. We can't say enough good things about the crew. The quality of the work was exceptional, everyone was courteous and friendly, and every day the work areas were cleaned up perfectly. We have never had an experience like that. Brent and Anthony kept the project running smoothly, answered every question, and addressed every concern. At times when we weren't sure exactly what we wanted to do, they always had suggestions that worked. Brent's design of the interiors of the sunrooms is one of our favorite aspects of the project, and one of the areas where the Sideco team's vision filled in gaps in ours. My husband has never been happy with a project completed in any of our homes until now. Our home looks brand new and more beautiful than we could have imagined. And an enjoyable experience on top of that. Money well spent and would recommend Sideco to anyone.

Derek & Kathleen Marks

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