Complete Exterior Renovation in St. Charles Home - Marvin, James Hardie, and TimberTech

Our customers love the outdoors and live extensively on their back deck. We created a covered area by extending the roof, added a custom kitchen and made it all low-maintenance with TimberTech decking and James Hardie siding.
Client: Jim and Patti Drake
City: Little Rock
Neighborhood: St. Charles
Year Completed: 2021

Project Details

ideco recently had the pleasure of revitalizing a home built in St Charles in the 90s, and the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The homeowners, who are passionate about outdoor living, had a vision for a deck that would not only be low-maintenance but also provide them with a beautiful and functional space to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

One of the challenges this home faced was its hillside location, which brought a significant amount of water into the equation. The existing wooden deck had suffered the consequences of years of exposure to the elements and was in need of a serious makeover. Moisture issues around the chimney and gutters added to the list of concerns.

Sideco took on the task with enthusiasm and expertise. They began by completely rebuilding the deck's substructure, replacing the worn wooden deck with durable TimberTech composite decking. This change not only ensured a maintenance-free deck but also enhanced its longevity.

The moisture problems around the chimney were addressed comprehensively. Sideco replaced any water-damaged wood and implemented proper flashing to prevent future water intrusion, providing the homeowners with peace of mind.

Recognizing the homeowners' love for outdoor living, Sideco extended the roof to create a covered area on the deck. To ensure comfort throughout the year, they installed fans and heaters, making it an inviting space regardless of the weather.

The crowning achievement of this project was the addition of a custom kitchen. This outdoor kitchen was designed with entertainment in mind, featuring a built-in smoker and ample storage space. It became the perfect complement to the outdoor living area, allowing the homeowners to host gatherings and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

The homeowners were thrilled with the results, and their testimonial speaks volumes about their experience with Sideco. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, Sideco's dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail were evident. The project not only met but exceeded the homeowners' expectations, leaving them with a maintenance-free, beautiful outdoor living space that feels like a vacation spot right at home.

In summary, Sideco's expertise in deck reconstruction, moisture management, and outdoor living space design transformed this 90s home into a modern oasis where the homeowners can relax and entertain in style.

Before Pictures


After the wonderful experience we had with Sideco on our windows, we were most excited at the thought of replacing our deck. Despite our best effort to keep the old wooden deck refinished, over the years it had taken a pretty good beating from the elements. Having a maintenance-free deck, using TimberTech, was quite appealing. We had a vision for what we wanted, but never thought our expectations would be so thoroughly exceeded!!

From the day Jon and Ethan Ward showed up, until the project was complete, their dedication to doing a quality job was evident in their workmanship. Their attention to detail made it feel as if they were doing these improvements to their own home. They earned our complete trust and we enjoyed their company so much it was bittersweet when the project was over. This must have something to do with the culture and work ethic at Sideco. As different workers came on and off the job, they consistently demonstrated the same dedication and “pride of ownership” in the work they were doing.

They extended the roof so we would have a covered area and did such an incredible job tying it in to our current roof, it looks like it has always been there. They replaced all the vinyl siding on the back of the house with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. The tongue-in-groove ceiling and infrared heaters really set it apart. It is absolutely gorgeous.

During the process, they found some areas where water had seeped behind the vinyl siding on the chimney and caused some serious water damage. Our confidence in them was bolstered even further as they assured us of their experience and showed us how they would fix the damage. They also installed a moisture barrier to prevent this from happening in the future. To top the project off, they added a cooking area which includes a one-piece concrete counter top with a built-in smoker, cedar facing on the cabinets and plenty of access to electricity.

Like many people, we’re spending much more time at home these days. Because of Sideco, it’s doesn’t feel like home. Every time we are out enjoying our new outdoor living area, it feels like we’re on vacation!

Jim and Patti Drake

Final Pictures