Floor to Ceiling Marvin Windows

Modern Ranch Home on the Arkansas River
Client: Dr. Sam Jirik
City: Little Rock
Neighborhood: Arkansas River
Year Completed: 2019

Project Details

Nestled by the tranquil waters of the Arkansas River, a dated but promising home underwent a transformation that marries accessibility with contemporary design, courtesy of Sideco's expertise. This extensive exterior remodel not only enhanced the visual appeal of the home but also ensured that it was fully accessible, accommodating the needs of individuals with mobility challenges.

Sideco's comprehensive approach began with the Zip System, which enveloped the house to provide a waterproof barrier, ensuring longevity and structural integrity. The installation of white board and batten James Hardie siding followed, giving the home a striking, modern facelift that resonates with current architectural trends while offering the practical benefits of low maintenance and high durability.

Floor-to-ceiling Marvin windows were a focal point in this renovation, replacing old panes to flood the interiors with natural light and frame the stunning river vistas. These windows are not just a design statement; they symbolize the new life breathed into this home, bringing the outside in and allowing nature to be a backdrop to daily life.

The project's success is echoed in the glowing customer review, which speaks volumes of Sideco's attention to detail, solution-oriented sales approach, and consistent communication throughout the project. Anthony, the project manager, was commended for his professionalism and the seamless execution of the renovation plan. Richard, the site foreman, alongside his crew, received high praise for their exceptional craftsmanship and the meticulous nature of their work, which extended to the painting phase, ensuring a flawless finish.

From our owner, Jimmy, to each crew member, Sideco's team demonstrated a synergy of skill, dedication, and customer care that left a mark of satisfaction with this customer. The homeowner's endorsement and willingness to recommend Sideco reflect the company's ability to deliver beyond expectations.

This renovation story is one of a home revitalized and a homeowner's vision fulfilled. It is a testament to Sideco's commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetic excellence in modern home renovation.

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Dr. Sam Jirik

Guild Quality Review

Concern For Needs

immy Russell, was great from day one. Extremely professional and friendly. I spoke to him on the phone, he then visited our home to take pictures.

Sales Solutions

Jimmy Russell explained everything in great detail when we met with him in the companies show room. We were very impressed not only with the show room but, also Jimmy who is very knowledgeable and professional.

Follow Up

Yes, Jimmy let us know exactly how everything would go. He kept us informed all along the way from start to finish.


The Staff at Sideco are Fantastic, from the owner to the crew who came to do the work. They are all extremely experienced, friendly, the crew supervisors let us know what was happening every step of the way. We are very impressed by this company and the crew that does the work.

Project Manager Professionalism

Anthony was the manager and he is fantastic. He visited with me on day one, told us just how things would go, how the crews would work. Who would be doing what, how they would do it and about how long it would take. He is a wonderful young man, very friendly and professional. A joy to meet!

Professional & Organized

I could not ask for a more organized and professional company. The crew on the ground was fantastic every step of the way. They did their jobs extremely well, they kept our property clean and tidy every day! These guys are just wonderful and so very nice!

Clean & Safe

I as well as all my neighbors were extremely impressed at how clean and safe the work site was. I had more then one person comment on this. We are so thrilled with how this crew worked, they kept things clean, and the work was meticulous!

Quality: Workmanship/Materials/Crew

We are very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and materials used. I have never met such a wonderful work crew before in my life. I have had workers at my home before, I have also participated in the construction/remodel business, I have never seen such a professional, friendly, experience crew. These men are the best!


Yes, we do feel we are getting a fair value for our money. I was thrilled to get this product, installed by this crew.

Likely To Recommend

I will and already have recommended this company to everyone! I even posted to our local neighborhood page who did this work and how to contact them. I highly recommend this company! If I could give this company 10 stars I would! When we decided to replace all the wood trim and soffits on our brick home we did a lot of research and we found this company on the internet.Starting from how the owner Jimmy came to take pictures to the last person to leave, this company is "the" example of how companies should operate. The crew arrives with Anthony explaining how things will go step by step. He's an extremely professional, personable young man, you can tell he is very experienced in what he does. Richard was the project manager and is a super nice man with years of experience and knowledge, which is evident in his work. He led the crew on the ground and advised us step by step as things came up. This crew had to literally do a more or less rebuild to the structure under the old soffits, trim, door threshold, and our porch. The porch was never built correctly and the roof leaned. They took the time and precision to make it look perfect. Each person that worked on our house had their exact expertise and it showed. The workmanship is beyond comparison. They took extreme care in making sure each piece needed was exact. The crew worked in tandem to achieve the most professional results I have ever seen. Once all the James Hardie cement board siding and trim is installed, the professional painting crew starts in. I have seen a lot of painting in my time but I have never seen such a detail oriented crew. They made sure each nail/screw hole was filled and every inch was painted perfectly! This crew of painters are the very best I have ever seen. They arrive with all they need, take care of your grounds, and keep it clean every step of the way. Our neighbors and friends are just astonished that they kept everything so clean as they worked. There are not enough words to tell just how impressed we have been with this whole process. The team is professional, talented, experienced and above all else the most friendly people. We have truly enjoyed them being at our house working. When you hire this company you are hiring the best!

Areas Of Satisfaction

We were satisfied in every aspect, from start to finish. This company is the best! Their work is meticulous and professional, the crew is the best.

Recognized Excellence

Yes, I would to express how impressed we were with Jimmy the owner he is so friendly, nice and professional very knowledgeable and explains in great detail, Anthony the job manager so friendly, professional an extremely nice, impressive young man. I was also impressed with Richard, the site foreman. He is a wonderful person, friendly, professional, he kept us informed of everything at every step. Very impressed! Then the crew, I do not know their names but I was so impressed with each of them that I actually gave each one a bonus at the end of the job. I think they were all wonderful young men and did fantastic work! I am so pleased.

Additional Comments

There is not much more I can add other then " Thank you Sideco" I am so glad we found you! I am completely impressed!

Final Pictures