Improper Siding Install Repair

This customer in Memphis could tell that his existing EFIS siding had started to take on moisture damage and needed to be replaced. That's when Sideco, Inc stepped in to help!
Client: Michael Stramel
City: Memphis
Year Completed: 2018

Project Details

This home is not that old and it cost over one million dollars to build. Unfortunately, the money spent did not get it done right. The home was built with real cedar shake shingles (very expensive), however they did not stain or seal them properly causing them to totally fail in 7 years. To make matters worse the builder did not do proper moisture management work during construction. They did not install a vapor barrier or any flashing, and this caused major damage to several areas of the wall cavity. We replaced the ruined cedar shake with Hardie straight edge shake, as well as all the trim after we fixed the damaged areas and installed our Hardie moisture management system. The house is now truly what it was intended to be. 

Before Pictures


We have done many home improvement projects. Sideco is by far the most professional, efficient, and courteous contractor we have dealt with. The crew was amazing and a joy to work with. Overall, Sideco greatly exceeded our expectations! We wish they did more than siding and windows!

Michael Stramel

Final Pictures