Installing a Bay Window in Existing Home

Its wonderful being 50 feet from the White River now
Client: Lynn Biederstadt
City: Norfolk
Neighborhood: White River

Project Details

This house on the White River was in our clients family for decades. It was important to her to hire the right contractor along with the right products. Sideco had the right answers. We opened up the back wall by installing a bay window and Marvin Sliding door so you could enjoy the beautiful White River view.

Before Pictures


This was my parent's house--so, naturally, I'm protective of it. When it came to planning for a long-overdue exterior refurbishing (including construction of the bay window I'd always dreamed of), you can bet I did my research. I wanted it done beautifully and I wanted it done right. In every expectation, Sideco was the perfect choice. From first encounter to last, they exceeded my hopes, performing with clear expertise and endless patience. They really know what they're doing, and in their coordinated effort you can see their experience and training. They told me what to expect and they did everything they said they would, solving unexpected challenges with craft and creativity. My little house had been looking a bit shabby and it's a delight, every day. I think my parents would have loved the work, and the team that performed it so well.

Lynn Biederstadt

Final Pictures