Maintenance Free Siding Install

One of the many things that is so encouraging for me as owner of Sideco is jobs like this one. The owners are four time customers with Sideco over the last 30 years.
Client: Jane English
City: Greers Ferry
Neighborhood: Greers Ferry Lake
Year Completed: 2017

Project Details

This bungalow is on Greers Ferry Lake and is a jewel of a property. Our clients wanted to not only remove the dated cedar siding and trim, but also make the exterior as maintenance free as possible since it’s a weekend/vacation home for them. 
Sideco removed the old cedar siding and installed a new moisture proof substrate along with new Marvin/Integrity fiberglass casement windows to preserve the beautiful lake view. We then installed James Hardie Vertical board batt in Timber Bark with all new James Hardie trim, soffits and fascia and ceilings in Cobblestone. Of course the result is stunning. Now the owners are proud of the home they bought and confident in knowing that this time the James Hardie Products will last virtually forever. This project served as a reminder to the entire Sideco staff of the critical nature of each and every thing we do when working on a home. Our procedures are very strict and there is good reason behind our policies.

Before Pictures


I like the fact that they do a very thorough job of taking off material, repairing areas, replacing material and making it look so beautiful. I'm so pleased with my property. Brent Sims was very professional and knowledgeable about the job. We appreciated his commitment to do an outstanding job and he kept us informed. This was lake house property so we weren't on site for the whole project.

Jane English

Final Pictures