Moisture Damage from Improper Flashing

North Little Rock Windsor Valley home exterior upgrade
Client: Steven Armstrong
City: North Little Rock
Neighborhood: Windsor Valley
Year Completed: 2015

Project Details

This is another typical Sideco home. Nice house in a nice area (NLR's Windsor Valley) built with masonite siding. We usually get to replace the composite siding a few years before they reach this one’s age. Bad moisture management and no proper flashing had caused a lot of wall cavity damage to areas of this home. This is not uncommon.

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We have lived in our home for twenty-seven years. The home was built around 1988 with a brick and Masonite siding exterior. Approximately ten years ago, we noticed rotted wood around the windows and replaced the fascia and trim with a vinyl product from a different contractor. A couple of years ago, we had a small group of bats enter the attic through a weak spot in the Masonite siding. Removing the bats was costly. The peeling paint, rotted walls and critter damage made us well aware of the need to replace the rotting and worn Masonite siding. We called Sideco along with a number of other local siding contractors and requested information and estimates. We wanted a product that would improve curb appeal, and provide a maintenance free exterior that would resist rot, termites, critters and hail damage. Prior to making an appointment, we had done some online research about various siding products available. We were impressed with the information about cement siding but were convinced that we probably could not afford the product. We had been considering replacing our siding for some time. We strongly considered vinyl siding as we knew that it would be a less expensive option. We also knew customers who had used several of the local vinyl contractors and were satisfied. However, once we saw and touched the vinyl product, we knew that we really did not like the look of vinyl. When we asked about installation, the vinyl contractors planned to nail the vinyl up on top of the existing Masonite siding. “If it will hold a nail, there is no reason to remove the old siding.” We were also advised to keep the existing vinyl trim and fascia that had been installed ten years earlier as most of it still looked good. During the walk around, the vinyl contractor did point out hail damage to a small section of the vinyl fascia and trim that would need to be replaced. We wanted to love the vinyl product as the estimate was considerably less. Jimmy Russell owner of Sideco was detailed in his explanation of the damage to the house, the benefits of Hardie board siding and the importance of the installation process. He also provided us with a itemized estimate, samples of the product and the addresses of several customers. My husband and I really did not think that we could afford Sideco but we decided to drive around and look at the completed siding jobs by the various contractors that we were considering. Sideco was considerably more expensive so we decided that if it was really worth the extra money, we should be able to tell the difference from the street. After several weekends of driving around, my husband and I were both convinced that the Sideco jobs looked considerably better than their vinyl counterparts. We emailed Jimmy Russell numerous times with long lists of questions. He responded immediately to our questions / concerns and even suggested that we drive out to a construction site and view a job in progress. We visited a Sideco project in progress and we were both impressed with professionalism, knowledge and teamwork of the crew. Not only did the crew appear to know what they were doing, they all seemed to enjoy the work that they were doing. It has been our experience that happy employees equals satisfied customers. We are thrilled with the transformation of our home and so are our neighbors. Thank you!

Steven Armstrong

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