Mold and Dirt on Vinyl Siding Replaced With James Hardie

Stuttgart revitalization
Client: Virginia and Johnny Porter
City: Stuttgart
Year Completed: 2015

Project Details

A lot of nice homes were built in the 90's and early 2,000's and the builder had vinyl siding installed since that was the popular thing at the time and was cheap and quick. Fast forward a few years and vinyl becomes faded quickly, allows mold easily and just makes a beautiful home look cheap.

Before Pictures


the whole staff because they work as a team & keep the customer involved but of course without Jimmy being such an excellent salesman and always making sure the customer is happy makes a huge difference. Brent and Anthony (project managers) always make sure workers are on top of job and they actually work also so the team process is great. The whole team works to keep customer happy and these days that is very hard to find! Thank you for making the process go so smoothly Sideco. It made the whole process very professional & the end product was great!

Virginia and Johnny Porter

Final Pictures