Reducing Water Penetration on Home

Recently built home with Cedar siding installed without flashing
Client: David & Laura Hum
City: North Little Rock
Neighborhood: Marche
Year Completed: 2014

Project Details

Unfortunately, we see this quite often. Homes are built without proper moisture management, resulting in significant moisture damage. Sideco removed all the Cedar siding, made the wall assemble moisture resistant and then installed beautiful James Hardie Plank and Staggered Edge Shake siding.

Before Pictures


I built my house approximately four years ago and I knew in my mind what a typical construction crew would be like...they would show up sometime mid-morning, do a little work here and there and leave trash ALL over the job site, not to mention nails, screws, and boards. This is 100% not the case with Jimmy's guys. They said they would show up at 8 AM, take a 1 hour lunch, and leave at 5 PM. They were at my house for two solid weeks, working 6 days a week and EVERY single day they showed up between 7:30-8:00 AM, got immediately to work, took lunch for exactly one hour and were back to work all afternoon until exactly 5 PM. Not a single coke can, nail, or a single board was left on the ground when they left. It was absolutely amazing to see their attention to detail. And when someone pays so much attention to just being on time, professional, and clean, you can just imagine how detailed their workmanship is. I just knew I would find a window that was forgotten to be flashed or painted, or trim that was left un-caulked, but never once did I find one. Their attention to detail is absolutely stunning.

David & Laura Hum

Final Pictures