Repairing Water Damage Under Windows

Beautiful home in Conway besieged my moisture issues
Client: Dr. Mike Stanton
City: Conway
Neighborhood: Beaver Lake

Project Details

In 2014 Sideco replaced all the vinyl siding and trim with James Hardie products. In 2020, Sideco went back to replace all the windows and discovered a considerable amount of water damage seeping in the brick openings. Sideco diagnosed all the damaged wood and fixed all the rot.  Then Sideco removed the brick because the damaged structure was far more than just the windows. After all the structural damage was fixed Sideco matched all the Siding installed in 2014 and now the homeowner knows the moisture will not be a problem in the future.

Before Pictures


Excellent workmanship, Work was done quickly and efficiently. Everyone was excellent.

Dr. Mike Stanton

Final Pictures