Restoring 120 Year Old Home

Sideco takes great interest in historic homes such as this one.
Client: Marsha Chambers
City: Prairie Grove
Year Completed: 2016

Project Details

Our customer lives in Prairie Grove and their home is 120 years old. Old homes such as this can be very difficult (we accuse them of fighting back), but we are always taken aback by the quality of these old structures. Once we removed two layers of siding, we discovered that the framing was built with old growth pine (long extinct), and with the exception of minor moisture damage the sub structure was amazingly in great shape considering it was built 120 years ago. We always try to think about the carpenters that built these old homes with minimum hand tools and no electricity. We always want to restore the old historic look with all of the charm the home had in 1890. As you can see by the photos I think we did exactly that.

Before Pictures


I could not have asked for a better contractor than Sideco. I had almost lost faith in the American workforce until I met Jimmy Russell and observed his crew at work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others and am happy to do this survey to give them the accolades they deserve.

Marsha Chambers

Final Pictures