We are all constantly reviewing things in our heads. For small businesses like Sideco, good customer reviews are a mark of success. And on the flip side, negative customer reviews can be a bad sign.

How Sideco’s Customers Find Us

Sideco still receives most of its business through referrals; in fact, repeat customers and referrals are generally 50% of our business. This is perhaps the best possible customer review — someone trusts Sideco so much that they are willing to hire us again or assure their friends, family, and neighbors that they can trust us.

But for that other 50% of our prospective customers who are new to Sideco, we must work hard to gain their trust.

One obvious place they can turn is Google. Google’s five-stars are a familiar ranking system for practically every business in the world. But Google reviews can be bought and faked. Worse, competitors can hire “hitmen” to defame companies through negative reviews.

Sideco thankfully has a “5-star rating” on Google, but that isn’t what we are most proud of. What we are most proud of is our Guild Quality review.

Meet Guild Quality — Honest, Unscripted Reviews

Guild Quality is a customer satisfaction software company. Their “niche” is the home improvement industry, and they are generally hired by reputable brands to monitor the quality of local contractors.

James Hardie (the brand or vendor) hires Guild Quality to monitor local companies like Sideco (the contractor) across the country, as a way to help protect their own brand. They wish to partner only with local contractors that can match their level of excellence. This is how they ensure that.

Arkansas’ Only Elite Preferred Contractor for James Hardie

Sideco is Arkansas’ only James Hardie’s Elite Preferred Contractor Alliance, and in order to be so, we had to consent to these third party customer reviews. Sideco is the only contractor in the state of Arkansas to have this level of trust with James Hardie.

Guild Quality only surveys confirmed customers. Unlike Google or Facebook or Yelp or Angie’s List, these reviews are impossible to fake. Our overall, average customer rating is 99%. The average satisfaction for subcategories is as follows:

  1. Communication – 99%
  2. Professional & Organized – 99%
  3. Clean and Safe – 97%
  4. Value – 99%
  5. Likely to Recommend – 99%
  6. Concern for Needs – 98%

Read Customers’ Unedited Reviews of Sideco

You can visit Guild Quality’s webpage to see all the unfiltered reviews from several hundred of our previous customers.

We’re confident that you’ll come to appreciate our culture and philosophy. But if you need a little nudging, customer reviews are the first place to start. We have no doubt that you will be impressed by what you read.