Sideco has been in business now for 37 years. During that time, when a customer signed a contract, we typically started their job within 2-3 months.

That is no longer the case. Sideco is now scheduling 6 months out, and we may be approaching 7-8 months out.

There are several reasons for this dramatic change:

  • There has been a considerable increase in demand for home improvement and remodeling, especially since 2020. Homeowners seem to be staying in their homes longer. Instead of moving, they are making significant investments in their homes.
  • The trend is visible across the country, which has led to an increase in required manufacturing times, especially for custom-made materials like windows and doors. Many of our Marvin window and door orders, for example, take up to four months to deliver to our warehouse.
  • We are the only certified James Hardie, Marvin, and TimberTech installers in Arkansas, and our customers expect top-of-the-line service and quality. As demand for home improvement has increased, unprecedented issues with the supply chain have inevitably resulted in more extended timelines.
  • Sideco has 31 exceptionally talented employees that work very hard and are unrivaled in their productivity. The increase in demand for quality has also contributed to our project backlog. We never compromise on job integrity or take shortcuts, as every job must be done the right way. Because many of our jobs are so large and complicated, we typically only work on 2-3 homes at a time. An unfortunate reality in the construction industry today is that it has become very hard to find highly skilled labor. To address this, we maintain an always-open job board, and will give any promising craftsman an opportunity to train with us and join our team.

We know that it can be difficult for a customer to make a very important, costly decision about the future of their home, and not see the direct results of that decision until 6-8 months later. But we want to reassure you that, in the end, it is worth it—you are not only ordering the highest quality materials available on the market for your home, but you are (more importantly) hiring the most qualified team in Arkansas to properly install those materials, a team and company that has stood behind its work for 37 years, and will do so for another 37 years.